Michelle is passionate about training people in First Aid. She has around 30 years of experience in First Aid and loves to empower people with the skills to save a life!! Outside of Daisy life, Michelle is a wife and mum to two young sons.



Michelle says “ In reality, you may never need to use the skills I teach you, but it is far better to “know it and not need it – than need it and not know it!” It is always better to “stay calm and do something rather than nothing”



Along with her stand at the show and her Essex Daisy colleagues, Michelle will be on stage talking about some common childhood conditions that may require First Aid, telling you how to recognise and treat them.



There are Daisies up and down the country – with FIVE in the Essex area alone – so you are always sure to receive the same friendly welcome. Whether you prefer a private home class or to attend a venue class, the content is the same and all of the Daisies have many years experience in First Aid and training.



Michelle and her colleagues are very much looking forward to meeting you and answering your questions at the Essex Baby Show.


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