Little Tummy - Dr Niedermaier-Patramani

Dr Sophie Niedermaier-Patramani

Little Tummy

In-house Paediatrician and Co-Founder of Little Tummy Baby Meals

“Introducing Solids – When and How? – Introducing solids to your baby is one of the most exciting times in the first year of your little one’s life. Still, it is often difficult to find out when and how to start due to the vast amount of confusing information available online and in books. We are here to support you. During our workshop, Little Tummy’s in-house paediatrician Sophie will discuss all questions around introducing solids and establishing healthy habits for a lifetime. We will talk about when and how to start solids, what are the recommendations and what is reality.”

Dr Niedermaier-Patramani is a paediatrician and trained at university hospitals in Munich (Germany), Cambridge (USA) and Bern (Switzerland).

In England, she has worked in the NHS and private practice and has helped hundreds of families on their weaning journey. She felt there should be more help and support on hand for parents. Knowing what an immense impact first foods have on her little patients’ development, she became the Co-Founder of Little Tummy, a subscription service for fresh and healthy baby food.