Watkins Sports Recovery

Barry Watkins

Watkins Sports Recovery

Postnatal and Pregnancy Remedial Massage & Sports Rehabilitator (MSc)

Specially trained to understand the postnatal body and the soft tissue /musculoskeletal issues that occur during pregnancy, Barry Watkins will be talking about how to look after your body before and after pregnancy.

In 2016, Barry trained in Pregnancy Massage and in 2018 furthered his training by qualifying in Postnatal and Pregnancy Remedial Massage. Barry wanted to combine his expertise as a Sports Rehabilitator to provide a result-based therapy session for Pregnant women as well as Postnatal mums. Barry has been trained to understand the soft tissue implications of pregnancy and birth. He has experience working with pregnancy issues such as SPD. Postnatally, he has been trained to work with those who birthed via C-Section to speed up recovery, as well as the power of soft tissue therapies for the women healing Diastasis Recti both locally and globally via improving alignment.

As a Sports Rehabilitator, Barry analyses, treats and rehabilitates muscular skeletal injury – and /or works with you to prevent them. He uses a mixture of manual therapy (Sports Massage, Trigger Point therapy, Kinesiology Tape) combined with strengthening exercises to improve recovery (which can be done at home.)